World’s Easiest Play Dough

world's easiest play dough

Play dough is one of those materials that most kids are always excited to explore with.  Whether it’s store-bought or homemade, play dough provides a fun sensory experience for kids, and encourages imaginative play.

Kneading and squeezing the dough is wonderful for fine motor development, and a great stress-reliever (for kids and adults).

There are several different recipes for making play dough available online, and you can always pick some up fairly inexpensively at the store.

Making play dough is simple, and something the kids can help with too.  We still purchase the store-bought kind on occasion, but making it at home is so easy, that we’ve made a habit of it.

Recently, while at a friend’s house, we were introduced to the easiest play dough recipe I’ve ever seen.  I knew we had to try it out and share with all of you.

What you need:

  • 2 cups – Cornstarch
  • 1 cup – Hair conditioner  
  • Food coloring (optional)

Combine the ingredients in a bowl.  The kids will love to help with this…

play dough 1

After mixing, you will want to knead the dough with your hands to fully incorporate.

Depending on the thickness of the conditioner, you might need to add more cornstarch.  Experiment until you reach the desired consistency.

Add food coloring, and mix until evenly distributed.

(We made this batch on Valentine’s Day, so we chose to make our dough pink)

play dough 2

That’s it!  Now hand it over and let the kids explore.

My 4 year old chose to add some toy cars to the fun.  The play dough became snow, and an avalanche buried the cars.

Gotta love imagination!

play dough 3

We used a coconut-scented conditioner, so our play dough smelled amazing!

The conditioner makes this dough silkier than traditional play dough, so for kids with sensory issues who don’t like the dryness of regular play dough recipes, this would be ideal for them…

play dough 5

Simple.  Affordable.  Fun.

play dough 6

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  1. Hi, lovely to read about this recipe. Hope to try with my boys and also share tomorrow on my parenting page on Facebook at – inviting you and your fans to come check out our posts! See you there!! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    I just made this. It was a little too sticky for my almost 2 year old to do much with it. I added in extra corn starch and would’ve tried adding more to see if it helped with the stickiness, but I ran out. At least it is easy to clean up and wash off of hands.

    • We had the same problem at first, but after adding more cornstarch we got it to just the right consistency. For future reference, you could also use flour in place of the cornstarch. I hope you give it another try…it truly is the easiest play dough recipe I’ve ever come across.

    • Margo says:

      That makes sense bc the recipe I found said 2 parts corn starch to 1 part conditioner. So, I’m going to try the 2 to 1 recipe and it should turn out 🙂

    • Margo says:

      Also, do you think it would be easier to add the food coloring to the conditioner and mix it into it before adding the cornstarch? How did you do it?

      • We added the food coloring after combining the conditioner and cornstarch. You’re totally right though, it would be much easier to add the food coloring to the conditioner and mix it together before adding the cornstarch. I’ll definitely do that next time. 🙂

  3. ChemmyOntarioMom says:

    Tried to add food coloring in the conditionner, it didn’t work. Seems like the white cornstarch was over powering the color. Other than that problem, the dough trunedout amazing, my 4 year old loves it

    • I’m glad it turned out well! We don’t add the food coloring until the conditioner and cornstarch are combined completely. You might want to try that if you make it again. Also, we do tend to add quite a bit of food coloring. It might be that you just didn’t add enough. Hope that helps. 🙂


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